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New York City, NY

Hire Carolers for your holiday event

There’s nothing like New York City at Christmastime! From the streets to the tops of the tallest skyscrapers, the city comes alive with holiday wonder and magic. Lights are wrapped around every storefront and tree. Buildings are bathed in the Christmas colors of red and green.  The carolers are singing and everyone is smiling.

This year, make your holiday party or event in New York that much more spectacular with the Christmas Carolers. Our carolers have entertained crowds nationwide since 1996! With their authentic Victorian-styled costumes, you’ll feel like you’re celebrating an old-timey Christmas.

We know there's a lot to do in the Big Apple this time of year. You can take in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, which marvels and dazzles tourists and residents alike. You can catch up on your holiday shopping. Every store seems to extend its hours so you can find that one perfect gift for a special someone.

All those activities add up. New York may not be an affordable city, but our carolers are. Our holiday entertainment is great for New Yorkers on a budget. We offer affordable rates so that whether you’re entertaining your family, your company, or any other group, you can make this Christmas one you’ll never forget.

Meet the Carolers

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