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Our Carolers

Welcome to The Christmas Carolers, America's premier nationwide holiday entertainment company! We pride ourselves on delivering unforgettable experiences that capture the true essence of the festive season.

As the only nationwide provider of holiday entertainment, we specialize in providing Victorian-styled Carolers who enchant audiences with their captivating a' cappella performances. When you choose The Christmas Carolers, you can expect nothing less than superior quality and exceptional talent.

Our talented singers are handpicked from prestigious music and theater schools across the country, ensuring that only the most skilled vocalists grace your event. They possess the ability to transport listeners to a bygone era through their enchanting renditions of beloved carols.

Dressed in professionally-designed and award-winning Victorian-styled costumes, our Carolers embody the nostalgia and elegance of the season. These meticulously crafted ensembles not only add authenticity to the performance but also create a visual spectacle that sets our Carolers apart from the rest.

At The Christmas Carolers, we offer flexible options to cater to your unique event requirements. Our most popular choice is our quartet, consisting of a four-piece ensemble of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (SATB), perfect for corporate Christmas parties and other special occasions.

One of the key features of our performances is the dynamic engagement with your guests. Our Carolers don't simply stay in one spot; they gracefully move throughout the venue, mingling with attendees and spreading holiday cheer to every corner.


Whether you prefer a festive ambiance or a specific focal point, we adapt our performance to suit your desired atmosphere.

Our carolers sing a cappella, skillfully delivering enchanting melodies without the need for musical accompaniment. They will serenade you and your guests with timeless holiday classics, evoking cherished memories of Christmases past.


We understand the value of creating magical moments during the holiday season, and we are committed to ensuring your event is a resounding success. With our exceptional talent, exquisite costumes, and captivating performances, The Christmas Carolers are your go-to choice for bringing the spirit of Christmas to life.

Contact us today to book our extraordinary Carolers and make your event an unforgettable celebration of the most wonderful time of the year!

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Our Leadership


Kenyon Ross

Kenyon Ross is the owner of The Christmas Carolers. Ross launched The Christmas Carolers in 1996 out of Birmingham, Alabama.


Scott Ross

Scott Ross has a rich history of theater and production working with one of Americas largest camps and the creator of AFilm Camp.

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